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Have you ever asked yourself…

How can I bring harmony into my life?

What do blockages and stangnation in my life mean?

How can I feel trully free, empowered and motivated?

How to efficiently connect with the most difficult people?

What are my inner resources and how can I release and potentiate them?

Who can I be, and what can I do and transform in my life to have the most beautiful path?

How can I live my life according to my values, when society is pushing me in another direction?

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My story

My name is Ana Ilie and I’m passionate about people, about everything that supports life and brings us closer to our most profound essence. If I were to find a word that could describe me the best, that would be “uplifter”. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, I’m currently studying for a Master’s Programme in Cognitive Psychodiagnosis and Psychological counselling, and also pursuing a formation in Integrative Psychology in Bucharest. I’m also a certified Theta Healing practitioner. Over the years, I have explored different paths and spiritual practices, while encountering difficulties and events that have changed the course of my life, and I found myself in a permanent process of exploration, transformation, integration and experimenting.

Life has carried me in different social environments and countries all around the globe, in a bigger than myself wish for discovery, and a wish for understanding myself and others. Everything started from my father’s passion for the things which were invisible to the eye, passion which I inherited from a small age, and from some tensions and conflicts inside my family that were big enough for me to spend most of my time studying the structures of people, trauma, healing methods, and the points of harmony between humans. Besides that, I have understood that among hundreds of religions, cultures, techniques and types of knowledge there is a pattern, a connection that unites them at a profound level, even if on the surface, they look paradoxically. The path to what is common is the path to Truth, to Life, to Union, and the differences are nuances which allow us to question, explore and extend our being in unique and divine ways.  

Through the obstacles in my life, there has always been a river of love and empathy flowing, and also a feeling of faith, security and support that has helped me to allow life to live through me and show me its gifts. I’m honoured to share my journey and experience with you.

Have you ever had moments when you felt that everything is falling apart, and this has blocked you in doing anything else? Have you ever experienced depression, anxiety, panic attacks, blockages, apathy, stress, addictions, loosing your motivation, the incapacity of communication with others, unbalanced relationships, conflicts, repetitive life situations of which the cause you have never understood? Have you ever felt that you couldn’t forgive, that you couldn’t overcome your guilt, shame and inferiority feelings? Have you ever felt that you can’t love/accept your own body/ personality/emotionality or actions? Have you ever felt that you couldn’t understand your parents/ your life partner, other people or even yourself; that you didn’t know how to potentiate your resources and to value yourself? Have you ever asked yourself how you can liberate your source of creative energy; how to connect to the universal Force, how to create and develop healthy relationships; how you can feel safe; how you can have the courage to be authentic without the fear of judgement? What does it mean to love and to be loved?

I have been through all the above and dedicated myself to the understanding of all these phenomena and to finding the balance and harmony from the depth of my being. I have spent time exploring the opposite poles of the situations, leaving any other activity aside to prioritise this matter, because for me it became a question of my life being worth living, of myself enjoying and honouring my own life, all being aspects of a vital matter to me.








Personal Development and Spiritual Counselling, Mentorship, Inner Transformation. Mind Uplift.

What does personal development counselling mean?

Personal development counselling is a process which has the purpose of a general improvement of life quality and, particularly, of the different areas of life: improvement of awareness, understanding of personal and relational context, identifying personal resources and abilities, talents, as well as a path of development and further extending, elements which also reflect in the aspects of the relationships with other people and with one’s own body, mind, emotions, soul, health, career, family, education, material aspects, and also with one’s spirituality.

Personal development encompasses counselling activities, experiences, different methods and organising strategies from targeted areas. It is a continuous process which facilitates men’s evolution and their curiosity towards what does a superior mental, emotional and physical state mean, and which constitutes the engine for a new vitality, energy and possibility of living one’s life.

Who is it addressed to?

Personal development counselling is addressed to everyone who wants to know themselves better and develop on a personal level, to everyone who wants to help themselves or others in relevant life contexts, regardless of their profession, social status or stage of life.

It is addressed to everyone passionate towards self-knowledge, psychology, communication, relationships, self-improvement and openness to new perspectives of living and enjoying life.

What I can offer you in this process

Know your zenotype: what makes you who you are?

The possibility to know and understand yourself better.

Free your creative thinking

I’m presenting to you my methods and necessary techniques for creating the path towards the resources of your zenomind.

Activate your inner resources

I’m offering you ways of discovering and potentiating your inner resources, that will become your base of expression and action.

Heal in depth

Healing is a multilateral process, which is being produced in the energetic, mental, emotional and physical structures of the body. Each of them needs a different type of approach and work, with an integrative role in your life.

Find your balance

Equilibrium brings the mental clarity and creative space that you need to become the best version of yourself.

Discover and replace your limiting beliefs

Identifying and changing your limiting beliefs offer a new vision and openness to new possibilities and eliminate the blockages that are stopping the flow of life.

Bring harmony into your relationships

Successful relationships are a source of joy, enthusiasm and peace in your life. Regardless of how difficult it may seem, there are strategies and points that can make a difference in the way you relate to the others. Discover the highest potential of the relationships in your life and the true role of the people that are next to you.

Change your perspective

Everything changes when you change your perspective, including the achievements in your life. How would it be to see everything from a new perspective, which will make you instantly ask yourself: “How could I have not seen this until now?”

Understand the patterns from your life

Opening towards a new possibility means understanding the repetitive patterns from your life and what do they wish to teach you; an important step that your zenomind can make in the transformation and accessing of a new scenario of life.

Believe in yourself, regardless of your past

Believing in yourself starts with knowing and finding your most powerful, stable, deep resources, as well as your vulnerabilities and ways to overcome them. Each human is unique and needs different approaches to access their resources and overpass their limits. Test your own potential and make a new step through which you can extend, more and more.

Live your independence

A non-intrusive accompanying in defining of your interior independence, freedom and power, as well as your creative capabilities, with a main role in your own life and destiny path.

Enjoy a safe space in which you allow yourself to just be

Offer yourself a safe space and a time in which you can manifest and access any structure from your life, accompanied with patience and benevolence by me.

There is a meaning where you expect it less

Insights, perspectives, ways of thinking and experiences that will show you that life is more than a monotone, incomprehensible, overwhelming or meaningless thread that flows through you;

Mechanisms, informations and valuable methods that I have discovered, experimented and structured in my exploration and seeking process, for which I gratefully offered in exchange all my resources;

And finally…

The guarantee that any small progress can make a big difference in your life.

We all experiment intense emotional states in different moments of our lives and points in our journey that we perceive as “blockages”, lack of alignment, and we feel that we cannot find the logical thread in our story. Our emotional side influences us more than we want and we are open to perceive. Our past, our life experiences and everything that we think, feel and manifest are interconnected.

But do we know how much precious time we use to conciliate between our emotional and rational side, our different aspects of our inner self and his needs, our bodies?

We find ourselves searching for methods to have the capability and necessary energy to realise our life objectives in equilibrium, wandering through an avalanche of informations and experiences, trying to discern and follow the right path, and what is valuable, healthy, liberating, real and helpful.

It is possible that we become seekers and use a lot more time and resources that we could have ever imagined to bring solutions to our life problems, but soon we learn that it can become a long and never-ending journey of exploring. Therefore, it is possible that we feel lost on the way or that we don’t have the courage to start it. Either way, experience has thought me that even in the point of a major awareness or finding a solution, a lot of unseen details are still floating around and that someone’s knowledge who has experienced or can relate profoundly to the situation through which you are passing is priceless; a question, a gesture or a word used at the right time can change everything.

We are here to help each other, to grow, to share and move further the progress of humanity through connecting our experiences, honouring the unicity and complexity of each one of us, as well as our right to free will. As each thing that we own or surrounds us is the product of the experiences, knowledge and work of the other people, similarly our path in life can be supported, further extended, enriched and empowered by the gift of the existence and the knowledge of those who dedicated themselves to different areas of interest in their lives. I am happy to support you in everything that your progress means.

I am grateful to meet you and to hear about your projects, thoughts, comments, or how can I bring my contribution to your life.

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